Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TWD: Pecan Sticky Buns

I had a good time making these buns. Especially since I was doing something...something evil in between freeze times. Evil....EVIL I SAY!!!!
I sat on my butt and watched a korean drama for 11 hours straight. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! 
If you have ever watched a korean drama, you know then, how it has the power to consume you. It's an evil thing. I try to limit myself to one drama a year. If you haven't watched one and want to get a good bawling session out, I highly recommend getting into korean dramas. 
I was pretty intimidated to make these buns. The process seemed endless! So many pages!!! But once I watched the Julia Child video that a fellow TWD baker, Ckay, recommended, I felt more at ease. 
I made the brioche dough 5 days beforehand and froze it until I felt ready to take on the sticky buns recipe. Once I started the korean drama (mUAHAHAHA!!), I put the dough in the refrigerator to thaw. This was about mid-day. I wanted my husband and I to enjoy warm breakfast treats first thing the next morning, but alas, that didn't work. When I got to the part where it said to rest the buns uncovered at room temperature, it was 11 pm. I put the buns in the refrigerator overnight, hoping they would rise, but they did not. They looked exactly the same the next morning. I should have just left them out. It was cold enough that evening that they probably would have done just fine. 
It took 5 hours at room temp for them to rise. And since I had my final CERT drill that morning, my husband had to finish the rest of the recipe for me (Thank you good sir!).
It smelled so lovely when I came home. Warm and lovely. 
I was really excited to see how they came out. When I reached the plate of yummies, my first thought was, "Miel Pops! Bzz bzzz bzz. Bzzz bzz bzz." They were perfect little honeycomb with three bees gathered together in each cell.
I took them over to a friend's bbq and we all had a taste. The topping was sooo divine!!! I wish I could've dipped each bun in more glaze. The layers were fun to peel away and eat, but the bun itself seemed a little dry. It might have been baked a little too long.
It probably would've been super awesomely perfect if we had them in the morning for breakfast. Slightly warm with a little bit of butter. Yes, more butter.
Butter puts a smile on my face. 

Since we had an extra Tuesday this month, this week was a TWD make-up. I'm really glad I was able to make it. Yay! 
For the recipe, check out Lynn's or Nicole's blog. They were the hosts for that week.

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