Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TWD: Popovers

Last week was Julia Child's 100th birthday. When I heard about it I thought I should probably do something to celebrate but I wasn't sure what. I didn't feel like baking anything. Or cook anything. Hmmm...what to do...

YES!!!! I decided to...EAT.

So, the night before, I decided for her big 1 O O, I would have lunch at her favorite taco place in town, La Super Rica Tacqueria. Yeah, I couldn't wait. I pictured myself sitting there with my taco in hand and raising it up, and saying, "I agree Julia, these are excellent tacos." And then I would picture her wink at me and say, "yes." Because she would totally wink.

Sadly, it never happened. When I went by to check out how long the line was (there's always a line), I saw they were closed. Closed on Wednesdays. Sigh....

So, I decided I would get a crepe at the crepe shop. Yeah! Perfect!
Closed on Wednesdays. Sigh....

I ended up eating something super healthy that didn't contain any butter. Yeah, I know, pretty whack. Wiggity whack.

Luckily, that night, my husband made thon à la provençal from Julia's MAFC cookbook. It totally made my day. It was soooooo good. We used our tomatoes from our garden and fresh tuna from the local fishermen. It was so good, we had it another night with popovers.

I love the fact the popovers are just made up of soft insides and crispy outsides. Though, with the tuna, it was a little too eggy for such a savory dish. I actually enjoyed them more when I had them with strawberries and whipped cream. The eggy flavor seemed mesh well with the sweetness.

I made a smaller batch of popovers for breakfast one morning. Those were really tasty. Especially since I added a cube of Scharfe Maxx in each cup before baking. Each popover cavern was encrusted with soft cheese. Way to start the day.

Though my lunch adventure didn't work out, I still think Julia would be happy to know so many people are enjoying her work. Yeah....And I'll just have to go to Super Rica sometime this year and celebrate her 100th. Woo who!

For the recipe, check out Paula's blog, Vintage Kitchen Notes, or Amy's blog, Bake with Amy. They were this week's hosts!

Note: 1 less egg for savory dishes. Keep the same amount of eggs for sweet dishes. Maybe more salt.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TWD: Berry Galette

Berry Galette. Ohhhhh Berry Galette...how much you sadden me. With your sugared fruit filling and flaky free formed crust, how can you be so.......so uneventful?

I guess it's my fault. I'm not a big fan of baked raspberries. I thought I should add some to see if I still felt that way. Yup. I do. The crust wasn't that tasty either. The flavor just wasn't there and the texture was so-so.

I tried to spruce it up a bit by pan frying it. It definitely heighten the buttery goodness from the crust, but it still wasn't fantastic. Yup. Definitely, not a a keeper for me.

My filling was composed of blueberries and raspberries. This week's hosts both did different combinations with strawberries. Maybe I should've tried strawberries. Hmmm...oh well. Check out Lisa's blog, Tomato Thymes in the Kitchen, and Andrea's blog, The Kitchen Lioness. They are this week's hosts.