Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TWD: Bagels

You might not believe me, but these two are actually brothers. You might even say they are twins. They are stemmed from the same dough, but were exposed to two different environments to reach their final stage. Below is their life story.

The first one is named Bagel Fail and the second one is named Bagel. 

Bagel Fail started off with his brother, Bagel, as a large, sticky, but springy dough. Together they grew happily in a nice cozy kitchen. Once they grew too big for their home, they were kicked out, punched in the face, and then...sadly, they were split up from each other.

They missed each other, but they could never be together again...

After being brutally attacked, Bagel Fail was immediately rolled, squished, and transformed into a ring toss. He lay sad and depressed in his new home, a baking sheet with parchment paper that had a plastic lid as a roof. He could feel the slight, chilly breeze coming from his new refrigerated environment. He was given a night's rest, but it looked like it didn't do him any good. All he wanted was more rest but sadly, he didn't get his wish. Early in the morning, while it was still dark and dreary, Bagel Fail was taken from his sad home, and was boiled alive, and then baked. He transformed to the experienced bagel he is now. 

Bagel, on the other hand, was given mercy. He was placed in a tightly sealed, glass container and was given a day's rest. He loved his new home. Every hour, Bagel ate and grew happily. Even after a night's rest, he was strong and creating a beautiful and intricate network. When it was his time to move to his final stage of his life, he was ready. Bagel endured the squishing and squashing with vigor. And considered his boiling and baking, a day at the spa. At the end, even though he might have had a little too much sun tanning, he transformed into the beautiful bagel he is now. 

Two bagels from the same origins, lived two different lives. They missed each other every minute they were apart. If Bagel knew how Bagel Fail turned out, he would've been upset, and then immediately, he would've saw Bagel Fail's potential to move to next level of bagelhood, which was to become Bagel Chips. Because everyone knows Bagel is a half full kind of bagel. 

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