Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TWD: Baking Powder Biscuits

Hello baking world.
It's been a long time.
I'm missed you so.

I'm so glad I'm back to baking! Wooo~! It's been way too long. 2013 was a crazy year for me! And I guess since we're past the half way mark for 2014, I can safely say this year was crazy too! Moving from CA to HI was very stressful. Yes indeedy. And adjusting to island life? Well, I'm still working on that. Adventure!

I almost didn't make these biscuits. I said the same thing I've been saying over the past year. "Oh, I'll start baking with the group next month." But then, the blogroll started coming up last night, and that got me motivated to get off my arse and start baking. Yeah! Thanks baker buddies!

So, baking powder biscuits. Pretty tasty. And very easy to put together! Though, I have to admit something...this biscuit pictured above...well, it's the only biscuit that came out pretty. WAH-wah. All the other biscuits were too thin and looked more like weird sugar cookies. I patted out the dough way too thin when I was cutting. The good thing is, they all tasted good. Especially, when slabbed with butter and honey. Yum.

For the recipe, you can check out page 211 and 212 of Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan, or also it can be found here. Huzzah! Also, if you're interested in biscuits, check out the TWD blogroll!

Notes: Required 2 cups of APF; replaced 3/4 cup of APF with whole wheat pastry flour. Required 1/3 cup of shortening; replaced some of the shortening with about a tablespoon-ish of butter. Placed the cold milk in the freezer while assembling/mixing the rest of the ingredients. That helped with keeping the butter and shortening cold while kneading. Next time, need to pat out the dough about half an inch thick.


  1. This one does look good. It was super easy and quite tasty too.

  2. They were tasty though, right? Welcome back!

  3. You moved to HI--my husband and I fantasize about that everyday! Good to see you back. I think I went too thin on mine, too, but also found ways to enjoy them.

  4. Your biscuit looks good.
    I hope you are enjoying your new living space - its such a pretty place to live.

  5. Mine turned out not as high as I was expecting - they did taste OK though - like a biscuit. I too spread butter and honey - makes everything taste better doesn't it? Your one biscuit looks wonderful by the way. :) Hope you are enjoying your new home.