Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TWD: Fresh Rhubarb Upside-Down Baby Cakes

At first, I didn't really like the taste of these cakes. I thought the cake itself was too thick and processed. I also thought that the rhubarb and the butter cake didn't work well together. I was about to call this batch a massive FAILbake, but then, I tried it the next day and it was so much better. 

I used three different pan sizes for the cakes; mini muffin, regular muffin, and ramekin. The ramekin one was definitely my favorite. It was the perfect ratio of rhubarb and cake. Also, it had a large surface area to plop a dollap of whipped cream on top. 
The juices from the rhubarb took it's sweet time as it slowly seeped into the cake and gave it a nice pang of sourness. And even though, I don't like the consistency of the cake, I thought it was very nice when you have only a small layer of it. The muffin pan ones had way too much cake and not enough rhubarb. 

Though I have to say, no matter what pan size I used, the cakes looked really ugly. When I flipped my first batch of cakes over, I was so sad. They were so chock full of crevices, it gave me the chills. BLEHHH.....I think next time I'll just frost the whole baby cake with whipped cream.

For the recipe, check out Erin's blog, When in Doubt...Leave it at 350 or better yet, get a copy of Baking with Julia and join in the fun! Also, if you're interested in how other TWD baker's made their cakes, check out the blogroll!


  1. I agree--the top of these little gems really need to be covered with cream! I thought mine looked like it had cooked ground beef on top. But we did enjoy these very much.
    Your photo is perfect--good job.

  2. I found the cake wonderful from the beginning, but used pears since I couldn´t find rhubarb. These smaller cakes look so perfect!

  3. I liked the cake from the beginning too, but I have to agree that it was way better the next day! Which is a great thing, as it is something that can be made ahead of time!! Your cake looks great....it is really good pic.

  4. Your cake is "picture perfect"! I had my doubts on this one, till I had a bite. :)

  5. I wouldn't worry, your cake looks beautiful.

  6. Whipped cream is the perfect accompaniment to these cakes.