Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TWD: Best Ever Brownies

Today was a weird day. I got up (that's normal). Went to work (also normal). And then all of a sudden, one of my lymph nodes was swollen and sore. Just one. What's up with that?!

It stayed that way for the rest of the morning. Every time I would turned my head, I could feel the lump. By the afternoon, it was gone. No idea what happened there. Poof! Huzzah!

However, there was a negative repercussion after the disappearance. It left me feeling achey and just plain old tired the rest of the day. I felt and looked like one of those tired people on the 5-hour Energy commercials.


Ok. Let's talk brownies. These brownies were good. Not the best, but definitely up there. Like any good brownie, the edges were the best. Chewy. Yum. I also really enjoyed the top of the brownie. The top was so flakey, it was almost like it had a hard icing. It definitely gave the brownie the additional texture it really needed. The rest of the brownie was very fudgey and I have to say, I'm not really down with that. Desserts that taste undercooked or soggy, such as bread pudding or molten lava cake, are just not my cup of tea.

Even though the middle was too fudgey for me, I think the combo of the flakey top and chewy edges still made it a pretty good brownie.

I probably won't make these again. Well, I might. Maybe if I combo it with another recipe to get the best of both worlds, I could make the chewiest, flakiest brownie ever. It would be called the Ultimate Brownie. Yes....MUAHAHahaha!!!

If you love fudgey brownies versus cakey or chewy, try making these. You can find the recipe on Monica's blog, A Beautiful Mess. She was this week's TWD host!

Oh no...the big lymph node is back!!! Ackk! I guess it's time for bed....Hopefully this will be gone before Thanksgiving. I don't want to miss out on the massive carbo load. Oh, and I guess seeing friends and family too.


  1. I agree, the outer edges were the best. Wasn't a fan of the gooey middle. I actually cut out the middle part and threw it out. And then put the rest in the fridge. Of course after I saw that the fridge helped to harden things up I wished I hadn't thrown out the middle parts. d'oh.
    I probably won't make these again either. But at least it is helping me narrow down what I like and don't like about brownies...and perhaps getting me closer to a perfect brownie recipe.

  2. Not a favorite. Hope you are feeling better and were able to enjoy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Cathleen. I'm feeling much better and ├╝ber stuffed from thanksgiving. :D

  3. Oh! Dear! I hop you are better now! Bummr!!

    And we loved these brownies. Is now my Go-to recipe!!

  4. Hope you have well recovered.
    Chewy brownies are the best, but these are probably not my best ever :-)